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Jul 13 2008, 07:46 PM
Sweet Sauce
Jul 13 2008, 03:25 PM
Jul 13 2008, 02:38 PM
I think even those that hated the character (Steve/Kayla fans, J&M fans) at least appreciated the actress and wanted better for her and I noticed alot of those that disliked her seemed to like her when interacting with Nicole so I do think the character was well-received.
I didn't enjoy either. But I didn't enjoy Tamara as Carly either (hated Carly 2.0), and I don't buy her friendship with Nicole. She's probably a lovely woman, but I haven't enjoyed having either character shoved down my throat.

Deidre has never badmouthed the show. EVER. Not even in 1987. Not even when it was crap. She always keeps a smile on, promotes the show, stands up for it and does her job. She doesn't complain in public and if she goes to Corday to speak her mind that is something entirely different. There's a difference between taking it to the media and taking it to your bosses one on one. I mean, it's a job for her the same way ours is to us. We have differences, we have complaints sometimes. But she could take it to the media and probably create a ruckus, but she hasen't. That's how she chooses to do it, and that's how she's always done it.

As for Dee, I was one who said she never seems to speak up forcefully for things she should. I've heard that for years now. However, there were rumors that she did speak up upon her return in 1991. I may be wrong but the rumor was that she pushed for Wayne to return soon after her as Roman and then, shortly after, she saw how popular John/Isabella was and made a push to put John back in Marlena's orbit. Again, this is something I've heard for years. I don't know if it's true, which is why I won't really comment on it since it's not clear if it is true. I love Dee and have no agenda against her at all. I liked all couples and characters involved back then. I have heard numerous times that she isn't forceful when it comes to story but all those whisperings have been in the past few years.

Well, then someone either twisted the truth or didn't know for sure either. Because unless Deidre, Drake, Wayne and Corday all lied on TV and in interviews when ased, that's not how it was. They were all toying with ideas about what happened to Marlena while she was gone for 5 years, and Deidre had the idea that maybe Marlena found the real Roman somehow. DAYS took it from there, and asked Wayne if he'd be interested in a return (Deidre was only signed for 6 months at this time) but they asked Drake who he wanted to be, Roman or your amnesiac John Black. He eventually said JB would be interesting, and he wanted Wayne to be on board again.

And John/Isabella weren't popular according to DDH. In fact, he was thrilled when both Deidre and Wayne came back because he'd been without a story for sometime, and the audience wasen't taking to the couple. Finally getting to bring Marlena back (Days had asked Deidre for several years to come back) mixed things up and eventually it became a quadrangle.
I never said she did for sure. I said it was rumored. Also, don't always believe what actors, execs, etc say on camera and in the media. Do you really think Dee would announce publicly that she demanded Wayne to return or that she wanted an end to John/Isabella? Most actors do not want that stuff out in the media because it puts them in a negative light so citing what they say publicly is not good enough evidence to suggest Dee never did that. Again, I'm not saying she did. I doubt she did. I just said I HEARD it. It's a RUMOR. That's it. Not proven true. Just stuff thrown out there for speculation.

Seriously, some of you are taking every little rumor people post as fact. We are just speculating things we have heard. That's it. We are not having a Deidre Hall bashing party or anything like that. Most of us here like Dee and appreciate her work when it's warranted.

I also disagree about John and Isabella. There is a reason why many called Isabella's death one of the most tragic and memorable moments in Days history. It was heartbreaking and they were quite popular with fans. I know many J&M fans did not care for them and that's fine. I and others did. Did I like J&M more? Yeah but I still liked them.

Drake and Sheri Anderson are both on record about the populaity of JOhn and Isabella.
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