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I thought Madison was good, especially in the deeply emotional scenes. But I still found her needing more spark in the non-heavy scenes. Still, though, loads more talent than most in her age group on the show in the last few years.

Honestly, I could never get into Beemer - I found him too wooden in his performance. And together, Shelle did not have much heat and chemistry. As someone who did not watch them when they were younger, I never thought the show told the story of *WHY* they were in love and why they were together. FWIW, I think that is a weakness with a lot of the couples that the show tries to throw together. From what I have seen, those couples that have had more lasting support and impact, they had a story of why - for Ejami, Sami was drawn to someone who did not judge her and EJ was drawn to the grayness in Sami's nature, and for Chick, Nick saw this good in Chelsea but was not afraid to confront her while Chelsea saw someone that challenged her to become a better person. I am sure I simplified a lot in these examples but hopefully you get my point.

It would have been interesting if Shawn chose to leave (and go off the show) because he was upset by the affair. Lots of tension with B&H and Belle and interesting stuff could have been pursued with Philip.
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