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Nov 10 2008, 11:40 PM

It was funny...but Belle actually garnered more fans from those who disliked Belle (now, this is solely based on the few boards I frequent) once her human side showed, Hope called her out, and Belle's glitter disappeared. Many people who didn't like her gave her a second look with the Phelle affair.
I just think there are people who felt Shelle was force-fed to them, too, ever since the whole "next Bo and Hope" phase and the quick SORASING of Belle to put her in Shawn's age league. Some people were squicked by the fact that at one time, Shawn and Belle considered each other cousins. (Course, that's tame compared to the Adventures of Mighty Max!)

that's true in a way. i went from liking belle, to absolutely hating her during the jan spears/marrying phil storyline. i know that was JER and just the way he did things, but belle was flat-out unlikable during that storyline, and during mimi's abortion drama. she was very cruel to mimi, and that, for me, wasn't the belle i loved at all. but after mimi left and they went the phelle affair, i actually started liking belle again, because she was flawed, but wasn't a total hypocrite like she was when she was chasing shawn and married to phil.

i could never accept BB in the role of shawn. for me, he was just another underwear model up there to parade around shirtless and make the girls scream. the funny thing is, though, i actually liked the character of shawn better under him, because JC's shawn could be a complete jerk at times, but i think that was clearly a writing issue, not an acting one.
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