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Nov 11 2008, 04:03 AM
Nov 10 2008, 11:52 PM
Nov 10 2008, 11:40 PM
I think this was a Higley move that Corday supported. That's the only logical thing. Shawn and Belle were front and center and then word broke that Hogan's team was canned and Higley and her team were coming out and then Shawn and Belle were being written out. I don't think Higley knew what to do with Shawn and Belle not together, and so she wanted to reunite them. And then Corday probably felt that it would be better to reunite the two and send them out of town so that fans can remember them being together without going through anything else. That way, fans will remember the last time they saw Shawn and Belle, they were together. The same way he sent Jack and Jennifer out of town. They had to leave happy together so that their fans would be happy and continue to watch even though their favorites are gone.

There were also rumors that Brandon Beemer and/or Martha Madison were difficult to work with. If you want to believe those rumors, go ahead. There's no way to prove or disprove them.
I had never heard that Madison and Beemer were tough to work with. Madison could still come back. I never thought Zuker would be back and here she is now the lead actress on the show :)
I've actually heard the same thing about her, not so much him.
Another thing: with each recasting and each incarnation, i think they lost more Shelle fans. It was made pretty apparent through interviews Jason Cook didn't feel comfortable with Martha, for whatever reason. Shawn and Mimi were really starting to garner attention right before Cook left. Now, it was in dispute whether Cook was always planning to leave and they did the Shimi thing cause he wanted to work with FF before he left, or if he might have stayed if they kept Shimi or whatever, but it was apparent that once he left, they were going with Shelle again. IIRC, I don't even think they screentested Beemer with Farah, and that was a pretty quick recast. The writing for Shimi was basically that they were supposed to be a Shelle obstacle, but again, in interviews (I can't remember if it was Cook or Fath), they chose to play it more as a Shimi love story and not so much Belle. But, Shimi started getting SOD covers and Fath and Cook co-presented at the Emmys.....that wasn't supposed to happen! :o
With recasting Shawn so quickly, I think it hurt them even more. People weren't given a chance to get used to Cook being gone. For many viewers, it's not a couple thing come hell or high water. The actor has a lot to do with it, and I think it's a misservice to not play the actor with the other actors instead of trying to shoehorn a new actor with a new couple.
It was funny...but Belle actually garnered more fans from those who disliked Belle (now, this is solely based on the few boards I frequent) once her human side showed, Hope called her out, and Belle's glitter disappeared. Many people who didn't like her gave her a second look with the Phelle affair.
I just think there are people who felt Shelle was force-fed to them, too, ever since the whole "next Bo and Hope" phase and the quick SORASING of Belle to put her in Shawn's age league. Some people were squicked by the fact that at one time, Shawn and Belle considered each other cousins. (Course, that's tame compared to the Adventures of Mighty Max!)
Cook and Fath decided it was a Shimi love story not the show.

Cook's feelings about the show were loudly apparent even before the Belle recast and his comments about Reilly after he, Cook, left speak volumes as some like to say. My recollection was that Cook never got over the way Shawn was not given any resolution to the cage storyline, a storyline he found degrading, then Shawn spent months chasing Belle and being an idiot. The only thing Cook seemed to like about the stories during that time was when Shawn had amnesia and he was a huge prick. Otherwise the story for Shawn sucked which, IMO started to really come through in his performances.

As to why Shelle were let go......my take........power. Someone, my guess Scott wanted Phelle and Phloe and Higley wanted to be the Queen of it all so she took the option away by having Corday fire them.
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