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Nov 11 2008, 01:54 PM
Nov 11 2008, 01:51 PM
And if they want to push "green" that is fine, but where is the drama in this? Where is the soapiness? What is the point to have Abe talk about the waterfront? Not like we are going to see that set...other than the docks. I can understand the preaching about greening the damn restaurant, but to green the waterfront? Isn't that already pretty green?
Sounds like the "green" is an NBC initiative:

Which is why I don't blame Days.

I think doing shit like this is the only way they will stay on air. They will have to promote what NBC wants them too.

I will agree that they should not be making such a big deal out of the Green thing. I mean, it's been mentioned with every batch of spoilers but my thinking is NBC wants to get the message out there and Days has to hype it.

These spoilers actually sound good, otherwise. I think the last 8 years of shock and awe storytelling has made people lose sight of what sweeps actually is. Sweeps does not always mean a plane crash or a wedding or every story on the show coming to an end. It can but it doesn't have to happen. Traditionally, sweeps features major twists and turns in stories (not every story but usually a few) and features big events like a big return, wedding, etc. There is also usually at least one story climaxing or culminating. Days is providing that. Trent's murder story is a story that was built for weeks and that is climaxing this month. The Nicole/EJ story will feature a major twist this month that will change everything. Abe was named mayor, Bo was named commissioner, Brady is returning, Kate's illness, Marlena faces down the mayor's killer and John saves her...that's all sweeps worthy. Sure, it's not huge but it's solid enough to classy as sweeps, much like last May did. I laugh at people saying last November was so much better. People had the same complaints then too. It was the same situation.

EJ's shooting (main story)=the Trent story
Shelle wedding/Philip (semi-main story)= Nicole/EJ story
Ford story (B story)= Kate's illness

The difference is you have the Abe/Lexie, Sami/Rafe, and upcoming John/Marlena stuff tossed in too.

In regards to the spoilers, the dinner with Stefano, Nicole, and EJ sounds good. Next week should be a good week with the murder stuff tying up. I also like that they are focusing on Daniel getting too involved with his patients. Nice touch.
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