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I'm gonna reign in here. I think one of the smartest decisions they did was write off Shelle last year. Shelle was a story dead in teh water for a couple so young. Ignoring the actors playing the couple, the audience has seen Belle and Shawn through their childhood, SORASed up. They were both "good" characters. They were extremely close to their parents/families. And sadly, extremely dependant on them.

Shawn and Belle were childhood sweethearts who never seemed to get over each other. I find that can be fairly realistic but in soap operas, it gets boring because there isn't much for them to do. After the Jans, Philips, Mimi's and such, where can they go? If they had remained on the show, I think it would have been a powerful story to say that Belle would learn she held a torch for a guy in high school which wound up ruining a marriage, to only find out the reality didn't live up to the fantasy.

Now that said, I also think MM and BB's chemistry hurt. There was none. BB actually peaked at the top. He was really good with the baby Claire and was impressed at how he could seamlessly hold her in scenes while MM couldn't look natural with that baby to save her life (that hurt my opinion of her, I admit). MM actually was really good in bitchy scenes but God forbid Belle should get bitchy scenes. That just won't do. So she was stuck with being a boring heroine who walked around letting things happen to her and later crying about it to mama.

Now with them gone from the show, it's possible they can write (one) of them back and give them some new history to work with. Up until last year, the viewers knew everything about Shelle and their pasts so unless you wanted Philip to be forever in their lives, it just wasn't going to work.
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