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Corday is the one behind MM and BB's firings. Higley and Scott wanted to do a Shawn/Belle/Philip/Chloe quad, with Philip/Belle and Shawn/Chloe being the couples to come out of it. They both saw more story potential with those couples than with Shawn/Belle and a Philip/Chloe redux. They fought with Corday on this and Corday was the one who made the executive decision to terminate the two. He forced Scott to break the news to Brandon and Martha. This is why there was a sudden shift in the story at the beginning of the year as Shawn forgave Belle and Philip and Chloe started moving towards each other in Ireland.

That being said, I don't miss either of them. Beemer was a horrible recast and had no chemistry with Martha.
Not doubting you, but how do you know for sure that Corday was the one behind it, and that Scott and Dena (who clearly weren't the best of friends lol), wanted the quad to continue.
Because I know someone close to the situation.
Then that begs the question. If Corday was responsible for it, what was his reasoning behind it?
I think we already established that. He wanted to preserve Shelle.

He felt they were being threatened. Phelle was big, Shawn/Chloe was getting big. He got rid of them and I think the plan was to recast with either Storms/Cook or Cook and someone else. Ultimately, he had no choice but to just keep them off the canvas because he couldn't get it the way he wanted.

Martha's firing got such a huge fan response, moreso then RJ or others. In recent years, Days has reversed casting decisions in response to fans yet they don't this time. Sort of weird. I also find it weird that Martha has not been hired and Beemer has. We don't even hear much about Martha being considered for roles. That just puzzles me.
You would be correct. Corday saw them as a package deal and didn't value them as individuals, so he got rid of both of them.

Jason Cook was approached but declined the offer out of respect to Brandon Beemer and because he didn't want to do "Shelle" again without Kirsten - and Kirsten will never reprise the role of Belle, at least as long as Corday is there.
I'm not saying Beemer was Al Pacino, but compared to Cook, he might as well have been
Now THAT is definitely a matter of opinion. Ever since Beemer got on board, I've seen several places where he was bashed up one side and down the other. And, I just don't mean on message boards. A lot of it might have had to do with the writing (and it probably did), but Shawn came across to a lot of people as a big dufus. And again, because Beemer came on the very HEELS of Cook, quite a few fans were not given the luxury to get used to him. It's not like they replaced some D level character. Jason Cook was Shawn for what? 7 years? Part of the established royal families? A big part of several storylines before Shelle? You just don't do that. I much preferred Jason Cook to Brandon Beemer.
I preferred Jason too. I couldn't get used to Brandon in the role and I didn't think he had any chemistry with Martha. I did start to like him a little bit when Nadia came back. I saw some chemistry there. Overall not impressed with his acting.

I loved Martha as Belle and loved her with Jay; so much chemistry there!
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