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Nov 11 2008, 07:08 PM
Then why was Jason Cook given his choice of two ABC shows? He didn't go to them. I believe they sought him out.
I know they sought him out but he's hardly been used and has no signs of having a storyline that he plays a major part of. I don't see GH splitting up Spinelli and Maxie anytime in the near future and the whole counterfiet drugs storyline seems to have been dropped.

If he was so very sought after, why isn't he being used?[/quote]Frons was excited to get a reunited Cook/Storms. When Cook was hired, Spinelli/Maxie was really just starting to hit their groove and get popular. I don't think anyone had any idea that pairing would be as popular as it is. Seems like Frons is going with the popular couple, although I personally like Spinelli/Maxie as friends I think they are going to lose what makes them work if they get romantic.

The lack of airtime for Cook on GH I really believe is more to do with not knowing what to do with the character. Because they made him a doctor instead of some link to the Mob, the writers at GH don't know what to do with the character. I remember when KS first came to GH, they didn't know what to do with her character either. It wasn't until about a year ago when they made Maxie an no apologies b*tch did she start to click in the role.
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