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In some other threads, I know people have commented how storylines for certain characters have "bombed" the last couple of years. I am curious what storylines people thought were successful in the last few years. I started watching Days again in Summer '06, and, to be honest, I can not really think of any storylines that I thought were particularly strong or compelling. I think a number of them started off with potential but none ever really carried through to the end.

I have not been a fan of any of the stories of the youngest crowd (touch the sky, sorority, Ford Decker. But I loved the introduction of Nick and the beginning of the Chick relationship. The fertility quad in '06 literally made me sick to watch with the way the whole invitro stuff was handled and I really felt like the actors were coasting. The Carrie, Austin, Lucas and Sami quad was equally lame - way repetitive. There have been aspects of the Ejami stuff I have liked but the writing overall has been so wishy washy and sometimes I feel Sami is so over exposed that I never really got fully into it as a whole.

I enjoyed the drama with the plane crash and the ensemble nature of those few weeks. I thought Bo's illness was pretty good - but not much good wrap up and a bit repetitve at times. Unfortunatelly, other than the Patrick and Chelsea's trial storyline, I don't think Bope had much other dedicated storylines.

I liked Stefano's and Tandre's return but I am not sure if that was really a storyline because it was so Sami and EJ focused and the writing for Stefano was somewhat erratic - but I really appreciated what Joe brought as an actor and his on screen charisma. Same for Thaao. And I thought there were some very compelling scenes relating to Benji's death but that was brushed aside quickly. I thought some aspects of the beginning of the Jawn storyline were good, including the Kiriakis conflict, but the wacky sci-fish stuff with the disc was really distracting and, frankly, I think the momentum of that storyline petered out and so many aspects were never followed up on.

I felt similar with the Steve brainwashing stuff. The tarot card was pretty distracting and the storyline as a whole went on too long (like all of the storylines at that time - like Shellle on the island). But there were aspects that were good in the sense we finally got learn a little bit about Steve's past, we learned the persistence and strength of Kayla's character, and Stephen and Mary Beth had some opportunities for some good material. And I loved most of the tension-filled scenes with EJ and Steve - I thought they had an interesting dynamic together. But the way it was dropped was so abrupt and disserviced the other parts of the storyline. I thought the stuff with Philip's baby that S&K were fostering could have developed into something interesting but that was also dropped.

So what did I like? I can't think of any overall storylines but I still enjoy the show at many times because I enjoy seeing great family scenes with realistic conflicts (love Kate's relationships with her sons, esp. now that she is not trying to constantly destroy Sami, EJ and Tony balancing their relationship with Stefano) and heartfelt moments where the characters draw you into a scene so you forget you are watching actors and you feel like you are right there (Kayla giving birth to premature Joe, Grandpa Shawn's death, Max talking with Caroline about being a Brady, Stephanie revealing her rape to her parents, Victor interacting with Bo when he was sick, Adrienne breaking Steve out of the mental hospital).

I have been hoping to find one new couple that I could really root for and invest in, but it hasn't really happened. IMO, there is something way more sensual and compelling about a slow build in a relationship where the couple overcomes great obstacles. The way that a lot of the younger characters seem to fall in and out of love a couple of times a year just is not that interesting to me. Maybe it would help to see more of the younger women in work settings or family storylines. At times, I feel like the younger women are defined by the man they are with at that time. Showing a more full view of their life may make them seem a bit less shallow.
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