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Nov 11 2008, 09:17 PM
Nov 11 2008, 03:43 PM
Why on earth is this old thread back to first page? Was it really necessary to bring it back up?
it is "necessary" to bring it up when the poster in question chastizes others for what she does regularly. And as for the point of all th posts on this board...arre we going to start judging the "point" of every post?
Ok, for the record, let me explain. Those who really want to read the words, read them for what I say, and believe what you want. I really don't care. It's just asinine that some folks cannot accept opposing viewpoints.
Yes, I started this thread. Yes, I was speculating on a rumor. However, note that I did NOT say "it's common knowledge". I wouldn't do that. I'm as far from insider information as I can get.

And, for the record (thank goodness for the regular posters here), I do not constantly make up stuff or keep bringing Dee up except in regular debate and discussion. Heavens to Betsy, on a few occasions I've even complimented her. I didn't realize it was a crime to mention the good and bad and the questioning about the character. I supported a poster when he speculated about noticing Dee and her appearing to maybe not having a perfect day at the recent fan event and people were reaming him about not accepting Dee's "deity", but noting her humanness. It's Ok to claim "common knowledge" that Thaao is gay without substantiating evidence but not mention rumors that Dee might be?

And, yes, I called this certain poster who is wanting to stir up shit when she mentioned Thaao Penglis's possible sexual affiliations as "common knowledge". In a blind item thread about a married man who was supposedly running around. I explained that something like that shouldn't be claimed as common knowledge without a good explanation, and explained I have no problem with people who speculate on rumors as long as they are admitting as such. Rumors and speculation on rumors cause a lot of shit in this world, including speculations on two candidates running for president, breeding one of the ugliest contests ever. However, I digress. I have my suspicions as to why this person (and a few others) are jumping on the "ream Lady a new one" bandwagon. It doesn't matter why. The thing is, in that BI item, Thaao's sexual inclinations shouldn't even have been brought up. The BI was about a MARRIED man. Thaao, the last we checked, isn't married. Yes, I brought up him being with Leann and some things about the fan club. That's probably where the shit hit the fan. For the record, I'm not in his fan club, if that helps. I like the actor. However, I dislike people spouting stuff like this as fact without firm backup. I don't care if people are claiming he's secretly married without providing evidence or that they can claim he hang glides in Israel without backing it up or that he secretly drinks from baby bottles without to back it up. It does make me wonder, however, why a few insist on dragging my name through the mud and twisting things around to fit their agenda.

Now, you know what? I'll let the mods handle this however they want. As for me, I'm going to finish getting ready for a terrific conference in the South and do some real life stuff. But, no, folks, it's not going to scare me into not making board appropriate comments, even if some people don't like them. However, I'm not going to claim knowing fact when I do. I will merely speculate and give my opinion, like everyone else, about the SHOW and the characters and occasionally, the actors.

Peace out.
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