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Nov 12 2008, 12:49 AM
Well, get used to it
LoL! I won't be getting used to it because I won't be watching.

This isn't the show that I used to know and love. Just because it has the same name doesn't mean I'm obligated to enjoy or even watch the kind of shit that is churned out today. I watch Days for John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Stefano... you know... the ones that the fans care about. When I'm not getting them, and the ones who've replaced them are in crap stories, then what is there to tune in for or get used to?

Imagine if Desperate Housewives just got rid of Susan, Lynette, Gabi and Bree and replaced them with a bunch of cheaper, younger newbies. The show might still have the same title, but it certainly wouldn't be the Desperate Housewives that people want to see. There comes a point where if you can't afford the lead players, a decision has to be made. You can either throw away the money players and replace them with cheap fluff, thereby completely ruining the show's identity... or you can call it a day and let the show to out with its heart still intact.

It makes me sad to see what the show has become. I mean, I understand that soap operas grow and evolve, but it takes a certain degree of talent and vision to do that successfully. Unfortunately for fans, we haven't had a single writer in the last ten years who's been able to reinvent the show in a positive way that sticks. Dena Higley certainly isn't capable of it.

Salem feels like a virtual ghost town to me. Literally. There's nobody around that I care about anymore, and the ones who are around are either unrecognizable or reduced to petty procedural dialogue. Even the extras are gone! Have you noticed that? I would love to have a big fancy party where all of Salem attends and the place feels like a community again. This doesn't feel like the same show... the same Salem. I tuned in and was addicted to the dramatic gothic tone that it had under JER's pen, and now it's like a lame MTV soap opera, LoL. It used to be filet mignon, and now it's SPAM. No amount of loyalty or memories of better stories can get me to stick around and watch my favorite show continue to be written into the ground.

I'm just so disappointed and saddened to see how far this show has fallen... and I won't get used to it. I'm either going to get the show that I know and love, or I won't be watching.
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