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Well, another mostly snoozefest! Anybody mentioned to the writers that this is *sweeps*??? Or maybe they're skipping sweeps this year for some reason. Can't recall a more boring November in recent memory.

Dang! Phil saves Melanie. Sigh. I was ready for her to leave after approximately, oh, half a scene the first time I saw her, and my FF button is getting worn out from all this Phil/Steph/Max/Chelsea/Nick/Mel/murder boringness. Makes watching the show a quick proposition, but I'd prefer something worth not FF'ing!

The only things of remote interest are the new Brady appearing, EJ and Stefano (tho we'll have to endure the Ho as well for part of that, bleh - at least that whole pukefest is moving closer to an end, I hope) and Marlena confronting the killer, which HOPEFULLY means we can move that whole part of the S/L along faster too, and get Sami out of the STUPID "witness protection that is really a safe house but the idiot writers can't figure it out" plot, which we get more of too, featuring the Lunkhead aka Rafe, who I'm already SOO ready to see leave. The Luloe stuff might be of mild, and I do mean mild, interest if we didn't already know it wasn't going anywhere, so what's the point, and in any event they don't exactly scorch the screen. Sigh. I mean, NO romance anywhere? For SWEEPS? Are these people TRYING to kill the show? Nevermind, don't answer that. Sigh.
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