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Dena Higley doens't have a clue as to how to write Stefano. He's become an awful caricature of his former self and I'd rather him not be on screen in this incarnation. Seriously, how lame and cheesy is it when Stefano is talking to himself and toasting with a glass of wine? Give me a break! His obsession with knocking women up for "heirs" is also creepy... I want the old Stefano, the REAL villain, not this reformed family man who is kind of bad, kind of good (but we aren't really sure).

I also don't like the fact that both the characters and the audience are in the dark as to his involvement with various crimes. Where's the dramatic irony in that? It seems as if denies association with a gazillion cases, but for all we know, he may as well been responsible. And on top of that, we're expected to believe he calls up some minions to do all his dirty work for him - well, who ARE these people? There's holes all over the place, and the Stefano storyline has lost believability factor. I understand it's supposed to be camp, but the viewers aren't stupid.

I also don't find Stefano that interesting with EJ. I'm not sold enough on their relationship and I find myself wondering where the hell Lexie is half the time. She needs to be in the thick of the DiMera storyline, not on the sidelines. She has great chemistry with the whole family, particularly Stefano... She's the only character that's kept Stefano interesting for me the last couple months (in their limited scenes together). Get Lexie out of the Abe story and get the DiMera one rolling.
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