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Kenny - I understand what you are saying.
I was the biggest fan of 90210 back in the day, saw every episode, and even toward the end when it was getting past its prime, I was still there. Now this new show is back, with all of these new characters, and it is so NOT the same. They dress trashy, talk trashy, and I remember thinking that of the original, but it wasn't trashy like it is today. I guess the writing is there, but it isn't the same.
Sometimes you just can't capture what you once had no matter if Kelly or Brenda are back. They just aren't the same, and it isn't thier fault, they just got older and had to pass the torch. They can't go back. And I just can't watch it.

Days isn't quite there for me yet. I admit that the only vets I still can tolerate without feeling sorry for them are Jarlena and 2% of the time, Bope, I do like Nicole, EJ, Phillip, etc. So I care about a few of the characters, and even though some of them are acting out of character, I am not ready to give up yet.

I remember the days of yore and the adventures, but I recognize that it won't be like that again, and with the news of cancellation, I plan to stick it out to the end just to milk my soaps.

Thanks for the BTS, guys! I love those kinds of things!
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