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Days needs to put their best actors front and center .... The whole Marlena and Stefano revenge storyline dropped, the whole John and Stefano fighting for the DiMera empire dropped. EJ and Tony's fight to gain control over both John and Stefano dropped. Stefano and Kate's relationship dropped.

What are we getting instead ... Kate's illness, Trent's murder, Nicole and Sami dual pregnancy, the Mayor's murder, Abe as Mayor, Bo as commissioner and the Melanie and Nicole show!

I think Kate teaming up with Stefano vs Marlena and John vs EJ and Tony/Anna would have been far more interesting than Kate's illness! I think the Mayor being murdered and Trent being murdered gets a big who cares! Nicole is boring now and Melanie is just annoying. I guess not many cared if Max and Stephanie broke up and the whole Theo autism s/l isn't on enough to garner any strong feelings. Phillip's love life is beyond weird. And the Romance between Lucas and Chloe is so far fetched that nobody is buying it. Rafe and Sami well it's cute but cute can only go so far before you just start to FF. I'll give it up to GG he is doing a solid job. Ali however is way too over the top. She is trying to hard to be bitchy and clever and it seems so fake and just too much.
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