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Nov 12 2008, 11:13 AM
Nov 12 2008, 10:55 AM
Nov 12 2008, 05:45 AM
I'm not disagreeing the show has undergone major change, but here's food were thought: All the vet characters mentioned were new at one point too. Why is it fans back then were able to accept them, as opposed to now where newbies are practically ostracized the second they're on our screens?

This isn't true for every new character - obviously Chelsea has done a complete 180 and now the person I could consider the "star" of the younger set. Otherwise, is it too much too soon (a la Melanie)?
This is worth discussing. Soaps are in a constant state of change as stories are told, characters, actors leave, die, whatever. I'm thinking back to when Bope were introduced with KA and PR. Hope Williams was already a character on the show but the Bradys were still relatively new. However the popularity of Roman Brady gave Bo and excellent connection. Also there was balance with other stories and characters. Time was taken with the newbies to make us fall in love with them before they became leads.

I don't buy that I have outgrown the show not when I've been a viewer just about since the beginning. I've lasted through good times and not so good times but I hung in there. Lately though that has changed because I don't care about most of the character and because Days has strayed away from why I loved them for so long. Love, romance, family and adventure was what kept me drawn to the show now I don't know what its about. For a while it seemed that Days was becoming GH-lite but now I haven't a clue as to what its about.
I started watching around the time Bope, Roman, etc came on and they did not weave them in gradually. Not at all. The way vets like Maggie, Mickey, Doug, Julie, etc were tossed aside for the new generation was awful, just as bad as many fans feel right now was how others felt then. Only difference is the show banked on new fans replacing those that left and fans were more open to things then. Why? Because things were fresher story-wise. Plus, more women were home so the ratings weren't going to plummet. The show knew that. It made it easier to take the risk. I'm not saying the show should repeat the same mistake but I don't even think it matters if it does. The ratings won't change that much regardless of who is on so you may as well focus on the characters who are easier to write for and who have more that can be done with them.

My observation about people outgrowing shows was just in general. Doesn't mean I pointed at anyone here. I don't think people would know if that was the case anyway. Again, not saying that has happened to anyone but it's something you kind of have to examine and reflect on.
I disagree on many levels. First, I am beyond tired of the increase in women working out of the home being blamed for the decline of shows which you are doing in reverse. We now have recording devices so being home when the show airs is irrelevant.

Maybe there was a freshness to the show that writers seem incapable of finding (and yes I believe there are new stories to be told just go read some fanfics for hints) but I don't remember being as angry as you claim I was. Yes Mickey and Maggie took a backseat to Pete and Melissa and Doug and Julie to Bope but the show was still about family, love, romance and adventure. Maybe that was the reason I didn't mind the shift in focus. However when I'm not seeing J&M so that I can see Max and his nieces, Sami and her parade of men including her rapist, I lose interest.
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