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Nov 12 2008, 11:28 AM
I believe that things could change (could, not would) with a different writer because I think a different writer could provide a lot of depth that is missing right now. You see, it's not really about "who" is being utilized right now, it's about how badly I feel the stories are written. Motivations are missing or are badly established. Stories are changed midstream multiple times so that the stuff at the beginning no longer matches the stuff at the end. There is very little depth to the characters anymore, in my opinion. To me, those things are not dictated by demographics, they are solely a function of the writing and yeah, I believe somebody could do better. But, like everything else, that's a matter of opinion as well.
and that is why the show's problem, right there in a nut shell....it is impossible to create drama if the characters don't have enough personality and none of these characters have that for me. The writers are providing next to nothing for the newer characters that they don't turn right around and destroy, (which tends to make me leary of investing in them) and they're trashing or ignoring the personalities of established characters all in the name of having everyone doing something, (well, not everyone lol)...why any character is reacting as they do and how they react doesn't seem to matter to the writers as long as they keep everyone in motion.
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