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Nov 12 2008, 02:40 AM
Nov 12 2008, 02:31 AM
I'm sorry but with all due respect to Erika Slezak (I'm a fan of her's), I'm sick of that quote being tossed out there. I think even Higley herself knows she doesn't know OLTL but she does know Days. She worked at Days for years and alot of those "events" were forced on her by Frons so I think alot of that article is unfair.

Slezak was fine with Higley until she got no airtime so I can't even believe she said that with the good of the show in mind. Not saying Higley is the best writer but quality doesn't equal ratings. That doesn't mean you lower your standards but just look at the numbers and the demos, which are what keeps these shows on air. OLTL gets rid of Higley and their numbers are worse. Y&R gets rid of LML and their numbers are worse. Days does better with Higley in the past few weeks when very little is going on and no vets are active except Bo and Hope in supporting roles and what happens? Days is up in every category and demos are the highest they have been in months.

We all think we know what is best, myself included, but we have no idea what the audience that counts in the numbers want. I would even say most of them don't even pay attention to half the stuff we all do (history, airtime, etc). It's all about the story and the show being interesting and it's subjective. What one group hates, another may like. It's fascinating in a way. I mean, if you read message boards, one would think Days was the last place soap with so much negative response yet it's doing better then it was when message boards featured much happier fans.
Regarding Dena "not knowing" OLTL, my opinion on that is if someone takes a head writer job, it is that person's responsibility to become knowledgeable enough about the show to do his/her job. Did Ed Scott know Days? Probably not that well, but he did a stellar job. I think the fact that Dena couldn't write for a show she didn't know just furthers the argument that she's an incompetent writer.

And about the ratings, Days is "up" to what now, a 2.0? I don't count that as a success, despite what the NBC press releases say.
Totally. Hogan Sheffer didnt know As the World Turns when he came on. Yet did his homework, and found two families from the past and brought them back into the front burner. It'd have been nice to have seen what he could have actually done with Days if Corday haddnt interfered so much.
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