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i love pickles.
November 12, 03:11 PM

Okay, so you're probably noticing that pickles keep appearing in the safe house. Uh huh - Sami's not the only one who's pregnant! :) I went through about a 2 month phase when I just couldn't get enough pickles. I love them!! And, to be honest, I still don't turn one down at the deli at lunch. Or anytime really. Sometimes we shoot those scenes at like 9am, and I am still rarin' to go - psyched to bite into a cold, delicious, sour treat.

So, I asked the prop department to put them in the fridge in the safe house, and then it just became this running gag. You'll see them appear several more times in upcoming episodes.and, really - isn't Sami so emotional these days?? ha. not hard for me to portray those scenes!! When I was pregnant with Ben, I was seriously an emotional roller-coaster. I like to think it's not as severe this time as last. I am able to remain rational. With Ben, I seriously wept, sobs into my pillow, for a good solid hour because Tivo didn't tape my favorite show. My husband was so unprepared with my weepiness. he would pat my back while trying not to laugh. Luckily I can laugh about it now, but I do relate to what Sami's going through - and let's be honest, she's always been a bit high-strung anyway. So it's not entirely surprising that those hormones are driving her all over the place.

It's such a relief to finally be able to wear wardrobe on the show that is not trying to 'disguise' Sami's belly. I mean - who are we kidding here??? right?! so, at least now i can be comfy and not so self-conscious all the time. That's been nice. and working with Galen is so much fun. They are writing really funny stuff for us. And Diane, who plays Hilda. she's fantastic.



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