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The jig is up for Nick this week, when Melanie comes to the frightening realization that he killed Trent, and Bo and Hope arrest him. "Melanie is devastated and angry that Nick has been manipulating her," says Molly Burnett (Melanie).

Things come to a head after Nick and Melanie split from Salem. "Nick has told Melanie that she killed Trent," recounts Burnett. "Then he's like, 'We need to go to Vegas. We need to get married, so we can't testify against each other.' All of a sudden, Melanie is off on this insane whirlwind. She and Nick go to this hotel and are getting ready to fly to Vegas when all hell breaks loose."

Nick is preparing drinks and holding an ice pick. "It triggers Melanie into remembering him stabbing her father," says Burnett. "Melanie tries to play it cool. All she wants to do is get out of the hotel room. Nick senses something is wrong and won't let her go. Because he's been drinking and taking pills, he turns on her. He grabs Melanie's arm."

Finally, Melanie confronts Nick with the truth. "She says, 'You killed him, didn't you?'" recounts Burnett. "There's this big, dramatic (moment) of Nick explaining why he did it."

Nick insists that he killed Trent to protect Melanie, but Melanie doesn't want to hear it. "Melanie is mad and hurt," contends Burnett. "She thought she found a guy she could completely trust, and now he's completely destroyed that trust."

Back in Salem, everyone else is putting together the pieces of the puzzle. Maggie finds the threatening note Nick sent Melanie. Chelsea and Max discuss Nick's weird behavior. And Stephanie and Philip end up overhearing Nick and Melanie's argument after Nick accidentally dials Stephanie's cell phone. The duo pieces together where Nick and Melanie might be and take the information to Bo and Hope, who have already discussed that Nick is Trent's killer. Together, they set off for the hotel.

"Melanie is still trying to get away from Nick," explains Burnett. "They end up arguing and struggling on the balcony. Bo and Hope arrive and smash the door down. Nick accidentally lets go of Melanie and she falls. She's left hanging off the balcony." Bo and Philip come to the rescue. "Bo grabs Melanie. And Philip climbs up and saves her," notes Burnett.

Too bad it doesn't look like anyone will be able to save Nick, who's arrested by Hope. Later, at the police station, Nick insists that extenuating circumstances drove him to murder. "It seems like Nick killed Trent to be a hero - to save Melanie," says Burnett. "But after Nick lied to her so many times, it's hard for Melanie to see it like that."

And it's hard for most of Salem to see Melanie as an innocent in all this.

"Everybody is still turning on Melanie," sighs Burnett. "They all think it's her fault Nick killed Trent. No matter what Melanie does, she can't win! She ends up running off and falling back into her own ways."

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