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Nov 13 2008, 08:56 AM
I love that Nick goes psychotic and STABS somebody, and the whole town turns on MELANIE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Because that fact that their friend PLUNGED A KNIFE INTO A GUY isn't cause for concern.

Let's blame Melanie. I know *I* am. :D

ETA: I'm a HUGE Nick fan, but even I can see this is clearly his fault. There's a difference between jumping to somebody's defense, punching Trent in the jaw, grabbing Melanie and getting the hell out of there... and STABBING HIM. There's self-defense and then there's just lunacy. Blake Berris deserves so much better.
Excellent post, Brimike. Just what I wanted to say.
And didn't Nick have a bruised hand right after Trent's murder? I like your sane scenario better.

I love that they all turn on Melanie too after their precious Nick stabbed a man. Sometimes the Bradys/Hortons are so far up each other's ass that they can barely move. Lucas shoots a man in the back, and he is the town hero, Nick stabs a man in the back and it is someone else's fault. Nicole was falsely accused and she was treated like a pirahna and held for past crimes.

Gosh, I love this show!
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