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It could be curtains for Marlena when she comes face to face with the mayor's killer. John comes to the rescue and Drake Hogestyn previews the action.

SOW: Even though John and Marlena are divorced, he obviously still has protective feelings for her. Right?

DH: He's got something. Some instincts. Some feelings. Although it has to be indicated a little bit more in the writing.

SOW: Does Marlena indicate what her feelings are towards him, now that their no longer married?

DH: Marlena tells John (a divorce) isn't what she wanted, but it's the way it has to be, because John's a crackpot and he scares her.

SOW: Yet she still turns to John in times of trouble. How does Marlena end up telling him about Sami's situation?

DH: Marlena mentions not knowing what to do. She doesn't want to go back home. She says Sami's (not in town). John asks where she is, and Marlena tells him Sami is in witness protection.

SOW: John realizes it's because Sami saw the mayor's killer. Does he offer Marlena any help?

DH: Yes. John says, "Maybe I can do something." He decides to hire a PI to find the killer.

SOW: Later, John tells Roman about his plans, then accuses him of doing it to get Marlena back. Is he right?

DH: John is doing it for Marlena.

SOW: Despite his brainwashing, the one thing John remembers is playing the hero, isn't it?

DH: Well, it's survival instinct, and John is equipped to take care of himself. That's part of the programming, just to get the job done in the most efficient way, in an almost machine like way. John calls Marlena and tells her he's hired a bounty hunter (Steve) to find the mayor's killer. He says they should have some news for her soon.

SOW: Unfortunately, the killer finds Marlena first. What happens?

DH: The killer goes after Marlena because he's trying to find out where Sami is. John gets a phone call from Marlena. He says, "Yes, Blondie. Blondie?!" John doesn't hear anything else on her end, because the killer has grabbed the phone and pulled the cord out of the wall.

SOW: Does John immediately sense something is wrong?

DH: Yes. He knows he has to get over to Marlena's to help her. John gets there, and the killer is holding a poker over Marlena. He asks her where her daughter is. Marlena swears she doesn't know. The killer thinks she's lying. He tells Marlena he's killed before and he'll do it again. He'll kill her. You hear a voice say, "Not if I kill you first."

SOW: John's standing there with a gun trained on the killer. Does he save the day?

DH: John orders the killer to let Marlena go. But he says he's "not into negotiation." John says, "Neither am I." John is ready to squeeze a round off in this guy's head. He doesn't have a problem with it.

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