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Nov 13 2008, 11:13 AM
So Drake AND Nadia are both dropping hints to the press they're not happy. Usually, that immediately precedes some kind of change. I can't remember the last time an actor made comments like that, when it wasn't announced within six months that there's been a writing change.

Oh wait. Guiding Light for the last two years.

Never mind... :-)
I will say this has more weight coming from Drake then it does Nadia. However, until other actors do the same it won't do shit because some of the others are enjoying what they are being given and I don't feel that is them just selling the material. Joe Mascolo would not be shy about dissing the writing and he isn't. He seems happy. Peter Reckell looked like he was going to burst through a wall with his excitement over the cops being smarter and something good coming up for him. Until it becomes a morale similar to JER's second run, nothing is going to happen.

I do agree with Drake on his point but I disagree that the character motivations are a major issue. Yes, it is for some and maybe I can look past that because I don't need to have motivations made explicit to me. Often I can just go through that kind of stuff in my head and justify it but that's just me. I can see why it's an issue though. That shouldn't have to happen but I really don't think it's a show-wide epidemic. J&M's story has been off and on and I think that is the next story Higley and co are going to work extensively on and it seems like good stuff is ahead once the new psychiatrist comes on. She really seems to spark things there.

This sounds very good. I hope they make it a Friday cliffhanger.
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