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Ok..while I've been enjoying Sami lately, Ali is taking away from that enjoyment.

I mean, does she even understand that most did not want this story? For Nicole, maybe, but not for her. I really do think some people on Days are upset with her and the pacing of the story makes me think Ali wanted to be isolated from others because of tension. I mean, they isolated her way too far ahead of her actual leave. The pregnancy came out of nowhere. I mean, within a month, she was out of Salem and with Rafe. Something seems fishy and I'm starting to think this whole story as far as the Sami aspect goes is all her ideas and the show simply went with them. It's obvious she has major clout and that should create alot of tension on set.

I do have to say that Ali has used her emotions to drive Sami before. I just don't think she did it much in emotional scenes and with her onscreen children. She did mention that she could never do it in scenes with Will until she had Ben. Now she can convey her emotion on that moment as a more real emotion because she has a child. Just like during her first pregnancy, I've noticed that Ali's emotional scenes are a bit better. Much more raw so I think her pregnancy actually helps her acting.
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