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Viewing Single Post From: NBC, Sony pick up shorter 'Days'
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Nov 13 2008, 02:37 PM
Nov 13 2008, 02:16 PM
What would it take to get DAYS there again?
At this point, I want DAYS to just go apeshit, batshit, James Lipton crazy on these characters. There's nothing left to lose anyway.

Make Bo an Ennis Delmar-type. John a secret Russian spy. Marlena an amateur porn star. Nicole, a respected Senator. Sami, leaving her family and friend behind to join the Aryan Nations. Nick, taking the stalking a step further and stalking Melanie, Chelsea, and Stephanie by writing, "You're MY girl!"
All kidding aside, DAYS has just played it safe for too long. They've tried the whole "character development" route under Sheffer and Corday hated it. And the "event planner" not only writes cute, boring, character developing drama, but she drags it out SO EFFING LONG.

I want crazy characters, soft ingenues, bad boys, villians, vixens. I don't want DAYS to return to the gothic intrigue it had under Jimmy Reilly I. But things just need to happen.
I think you are right, it's time to just "go there," and get the show some sort of notice again. The one thing that I have liked about Higley, is she has tried new stories, new couples, and it hasn't been the "same ol, same ol." However, nothing much happens, there really isn't a reason to watch, and yet DAYS
is still the one show that I think can get viewers back with some shock value. Three stories in the last 15 years have often been referred to, as to what brought them to the show: "Buried Alive, the Possession, and the Salem Serial Killer." What kind of story could bring new viewers to the show, because I think the days of getting old viewers back are long gone.
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