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Nov 13 2008, 03:22 PM
Nov 13 2008, 03:13 PM
Nov 13 2008, 02:13 PM
It pains me that people think that Eric was awful lol I honestly thought he was quite good, but the chemistry between Eric
and Dee is what sold it for me. In only that one scene, I completely believed the relationship. To me, that is good acting. And I wish the show play more to Dee's strengths. There are times where I think she is the worst actress on soaps, and then other times, in the scenes she had with Martha Madison, or these scenes, I just think she is epitome of love.
He wasn't terrible it's just so many poster were gushing about his first scene and the scene was ok but it was far from WOW. I will say he physicalyl fits Brady as far as John goes - it was a good match there. I suspect his scenes with Chloe, Nicole and EJ will be much better. This scene with Marlena was not a WOW scene, it merely was ok!
I watched scene and I think Eric was better than I expected. The scene was just fine considering who else was in it as Deidre and Drake were just as mediocre as him.
You can say that again.

Dee is back to 2006 Deidre and it;s not all the writer's fault either. It seems as soon as Ed Scott left she fell back into old habits and that is not good. You know there is a problem when Draje outperforms her in some scenes.
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