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Not sure if 100% crazy is the way to go because I don't think ratings respond to all out stunts anymore. However, the show does needs a major shakeup for sure.

Last Fall, Hogan and Ed brought that 90's feel back, only with more character-driven feel. The spoilers were more limited then usual and there was an aura of mystery in the air right up through January. I really think the show was on the right track and it started off right by killing John. That was the big bang the show needed and the reason it didn't get ratings right away was because people didn't buy it. However, as the show went on without Drake, people bought it and then they brought him back. i don't think bringing him back was the downfall but the fact that we had a regime change and things changed. I really do think Hogan and Ed were hitting their stride.

I think what Days needs is to build the stories they have and then do something HUGE in late December and something HUGE IN February. Line up all your stories and blow them apart and send characters in many directions. I think one of the biggest things you can do is kill off a major character and keep them dead. Do something gutsy.

Hell, do a Maison Blanche like story. That will save them money using one set for awhile and you can even use that kind of story to get rid of some characters you opt to cut. Maybe use a story like that to bring Belle back or something. Bo and Hope or whoever could say they haven't heard from Shelle in awhile and maybe their search leads them to a mysterious locale. You can then build up some secrets or start a mystery out of this and also maybe make this the last stand for Stefano. I'm just tossing ideas out there. I think something like this could work and spawn off new stories.

In the 90's, it wasn't just one story that did it. Buried Alive started it and then the affair and it's reveal kept fans interested enough so that when the show dropped, it didn't lose all it gained. Then Maison Blanche gave them another boost and the buildup to and Possession story gave them the HUGE boost that roped people and kept them there. After that, it was a steady stream of viewers but it wasn't just one story that did this. That was the problem with the SSK story. The show needed to make sure there was more to happen after that story but, how can you with all the interference and so on.

The show also needs to remember that many of these characters have been through so much that it's hard to be creative and new. You have to take that into account and whatever the show opts to do, it needs to make sure that they commit to a direction and have other things lined up and planned for after. It just can't be big event or story and then nothing. That does no good.

I think going after old fans is too much of a risk at this point. Just try to get any fans you can to tune in. It doesn't matter who tunes in as long as some do. I want to see the show take risks. I've wanted that forever and now is as good a time as any.
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