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Nov 13 2008, 03:39 PM
Nov 13 2008, 03:29 PM
I totally agree that the serial killer story went south as soon as the "dead" became "undead." The show fell apart as soon as they all appeared alive. What a compelling story if Marlena truly had snapped and killed all of those people. With the life she has, I would have snapped as well lol
My favorite thing about the Serial Killer story was thinking, "Deidre Hall's Marlena is Reilly's pet. We know Marlena is going to stay on the show, but HOW will she get away with it?"

One theory floating around was that she would go on trial for all the murders and that a jury of her peers would, without conditions or reasons of insanity, find her not guilty. And that would have been interesting, especially if the entire town still felt she was responsible for all of it.
I actually know some ideas that were being tossed around as to what was going to happen and it would've been taken a huge risk either way but I liked it.

JER loved Marlena so she was safe for sure. I also think too that when the story changed, Doug and Alice were made victims. As I said, there was a news story reported by SON and others that Tanya Boyd (Celeste) was the next to die after Tony and that made sense given Marlena was hypnotizing her. Around that same time, there was conflicting reports of John Aniston (Victor) being out and being a victim too and then, all of a sudden, both stories disappeared from the net. A few days later, Doug was reported as next to die and Victor was said to be being killed by Jan and not Marlena. Something changed, especially when you consider Bill and Susan Hayes were promised that neither Doug or Julie would be killed off and two weeks later, it's sad Doug would be. The story got so senseless after that, None of it made sense. Doug all of a sudden recalls Marlena coming out of Tony's room. It just made no sense and the story was carefully planned up to that point. It had holes but every murder made sense until after Tony's. The story fell apart after Tony got "killed." The island story just made it worse and then even their plan B got tossed out. The island story was supposed to play out much differently but they kept shortening int and gutting it to the point where it became a really bad acid trip with no rhyme or reason to it.
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