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Nov 13 2008, 03:39 PM
Nov 13 2008, 03:29 PM
I totally agree that the serial killer story went south as soon as the "dead" became "undead." The show fell apart as soon as they all appeared alive. What a compelling story if Marlena truly had snapped and killed all of those people. With the life she has, I would have snapped as well lol
My favorite thing about the Serial Killer story was thinking, "Deidre Hall's Marlena is Reilly's pet. We know Marlena is going to stay on the show, but HOW will she get away with it?"

One theory floating around was that she would go on trial for all the murders and that a jury of her peers would, without conditions or reasons of insanity, find her not guilty. And that would have been interesting, especially if the entire town still felt she was responsible for all of it.
I know while watching the story, as soon as Marlena was revealed as the killer, I wanted it to actually be Marlena. Not Hattie, not the Devil, not one of Stefano's clones. It had to be her. If the show only as to September 2010, they must do something now. Something huge, something to make people talk about the show, even if it angers long time fans. At this point, they have NOTHING to lose.
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