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I don't think the truth about Nicole will come out. I think it's just the classic fake cliffhangers JER was known for. I actualle like the sound of that. Very soapy. i hate that she miscarried though.

The Kate stuff sounds very good and emotional. It ties nicely into Chloe's past. Now she does what someone did for her. I do wish if they were going to do a transplant story that they just killed Lucas off to do it. So much more drama that way but I digress. Sounds like Kate's story may be the Christmas miracle this year. I'm down with that.

Sami/Rafe actually sounds interesting and I like that he is investigating the Dimera's and not just sitting around. Glad we get some hints of his past too. At least they won't be sitting around anymore.

The Titan stuff sounds good. The Stephanie/Philip/Melanie stuff is going like I thought it would. He has no interest in her but to toy with her but Melanie wants him, probably because she wants money and power. Philip probably hires her to keep an eye on her and that bonds him with Stephanie. I'm getting a Sami-like vibe from Melanie. Sami was younger then Melanie when she went after Austin and I'm starting to see signs of that only with Melanie going after Philip and trying to manipulate him. That interests me. Only difference is that story involved two sisters and this involves two rivals (Steph and Melanie) but whatever. It doesn't sound like Melanie will be on everyday so I wouldn't say it's going to be all Melanie, all the time. I wasn't expecting her to be backburnered anyway but I do think she will be on less.

Glad to see Maggie mentioned in spoilers too.

Thanks Angie. I was waiting for these. They are great.
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