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Nov 13 2008, 10:17 PM
I honestly feel bad for Steve and Kayla, because they've alwyas just sorta been dropped in a HW's lap, whether it was Hogan, Dena, or one of their Co-HW's. And S&K returned in a time of turmoil and changes for Days.

In 2006, if I remember correctly, JER brought back Steve and Kayla, he had some type of story planned for them. But right after their returns were announced and written and the initial set up was written, JER got fired. And yes Hogan wrote some stories for them, as had Dena and she did want them to return in 2003, but ultimately I think that if JER had left just a bit before he decided to bring them back, they would NOT be here today.

JER had that triangle and amnesia story planned with that one girl, his ex who appeared in a few episodes during the Summer of 2006, but Hogan canned that. And again, I think what majorly hurt their return was they came back during that turmoil when Days switched writers, and the changing of the gloves identities, etc etc. And when Hogan came, he had Steve regain his memory rather quickly, and then he had that brainwashing story. It was rather good, but then the backburning of the vets came, and I think their story was shortened significantally.

Then there was the DiMera-Brady feud, and the Tyler stuff. They were around and did some significant things, but then they pretty much went quiet. Then the writers changed again right after Kayla got pregnant, and Steve and Kayla were present and Steve I think did some significant stuff during the plane crash, and they finally got a good sized story with Ava for a couple of months. Then when they escaped her compound, and once the aftermath of that ended, Kayla gave birth and again, they pretty much have small stories here and there and do nothing else.

But it all comes down to this: I think Steve and Kayla have suffered from backstage turmoil and issues. First with JER bringing them back and leaving, then with Hogan's story for them getting cut short, then with the writers changing again, and then they go back to the backburner. Ultimately, because Days is always in some kind of transition now, I don't think there's been the time to actually give them a proper story.
Well put.

You can't produce a complete story with all that upheaval. That goes for anything Days has tried to do in the last few years. This is what happens when you have an EP and network who don't keep their hands out of the proverbial "pie," so to speak. It also doesn't help that the show has a "kneejerk reaction" policy when it comes to story. One thing goes wrong or one fanbase or group bitches and they can the story and start all over. You can't do that. You can't be afraid. You have to pick a direction and stick with it for awhile unless what your doing is really insulting or offensive (like the Iraq story).

I know there were issues before this but the main problem I feel was Sheffer tying up Steve's amnesia too early. I get what he was doing. Fans were on him from day one about the promises he made regarding the couples so he wanted to please people early on. However, the story was there. You even had Billie, who Steve had a nice rapport with, there as an obstacle or you could've brought the Ava character on or someone like her at that point. Steve and Kayla needed obstacles and the story was set up perfectly despite the summer of 2006 upheaval. They tied it up and Sheffer kind of didn't want to. You could tell so the show comes up with the brainwashing angle, which was just a continuation of the amnesia story only Steve had his memory. What made that worse was the fact that Hogan could not use the people he wanted to. Bo and Hope presence alone could've helped that story but I digress. Really, both the amnesia and brainwashing stories could've worked as one and served the same purpose. That along with Billie/Ava/or someone else could've thrown alot of story at Steve and Kayla for months, if not years. That was the kind of story Steve and Kayla needed.

If you go back to the 90's, recent fans were taken on a journey. When Hope returned, they didn't know her. Most knew Bo/Billie or Bo/Carly. Days didn't force J&M or Bope together in the 90.s They allowed for them to face new obstacles different then the ones in the 80's and through those obstacles recent fans got to see their own Bope and J&M love stories. Old fans were reminded of what was so great and new/recent fans were shown why the couples were important and grew attached to them themselves. That is what Steve/Kayla needed. They needed to be kept apart for awhile and challenged for a long time so today's audience could see them come together for themselves. They could get a modern version of their love story in a sense, just like the 90's with J&M and Bope. Longtime fans would be reminded of the special element of Steve and Kayla and new fans would be introduced to it. They would become endeared to them through that. You can't just put a couple on the canvas. You need to show the viewer why they are special. The upheaval kept the show from coming up with a steady throughline for them and you really have to rope fans early with this kind of stuff because, if enough time passes, fans just give up and don't care and I think that happened with Steve and Kayla. if things were different, I doubt many would see Steve and Kayla as expendable.

The only real time I think the show captured their magic was during the quarantine story in November 2006 and in December 2006 when Steve remembered. Other then that, I think it's been hit or miss, which is a damn shame.
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