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Nov 14 2008, 03:19 AM
Melanie is going to be a huge asset to Titan even though she just turned 18 and we don't even know if she finished high school yet. Right. Philip/Stephanie sound way better, although I'm bummed to read she already kisses him. So much for slow burn.

I wouldn't get too wrapped up in the ages, How old was Sami when she was made a corporate exec at Titan? Belle was coming up for a fashion line for Basic Black in 2003 as a first year college student. Ages mean shit on Days LOL.

Having said that, the show made a huge mistake with Melanie's age. I don't see why they brought her on as 17. They should've brought her on as 21. The only thing I can think of is they had plans to pair her with someone her age (Will maybe) and they dropped it.

I think they could've pulled what they did with Chelsea and Abby and aged her but last week they made a big deal out of her 18th birthday so that is out the window now.

As for Philip and Stephanie's kiss, it may be something on the cheek or something. It doesn't sound like a big, passionate one.
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