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Nov 14 2008, 03:36 AM
Nov 14 2008, 02:43 AM
If you go back to the 90's, recent fans were taken on a journey. When Hope returned, they didn't know her. Most knew Bo/Billie or Bo/Carly. Days didn't force J&M or Bope together in the 90.s They allowed for them to face new obstacles different then the ones in the 80's and through those obstacles recent fans got to see their own Bope and J&M love stories. Old fans were reminded of what was so great and new/recent fans were shown why the couples were important and grew attached to them themselves. That is what Steve/Kayla needed. They needed to be kept apart for awhile and challenged for a long time so today's audience could see them come together for themselves. They could get a modern version of their love story in a sense, just like the 90's with J&M and Bope. Longtime fans would be reminded of the special element of Steve and Kayla and new fans would be introduced to it. They would become endeared to them through that. You can't just put a couple on the canvas. You need to show the viewer why they are special. The upheaval kept the show from coming up with a steady throughline for them and you really have to rope fans early with this kind of stuff because, if enough time passes, fans just give up and don't care and I think that happened with Steve and Kayla. if things were different, I doubt many would see Steve and Kayla as expendable.
Excellent point about the 90's, that both J&M and Bo&Hope were brought back together then. The writers really did miss the boat on Steve & Kayla in so many ways. (Tanna too, for that matter.)
See, Tanna I don't think are big enough to worry about in terms of impact. They have fans and all but I think they are more of a second-tier couple. They fit more as supporting. Both actors can be lead and carry a lead story but the couple itself is not as big as the big 3 couples right now IMO.

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