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Thanks for posting Angie!

I am surprised it is still the Nicole, Sami and Melanie show. This whole Nicole miscarry s/l is really poor writing how can Nicole pretend she's still pregnant and even think EJ can't figure it out. It's not like EJ is out of touch since that's all he does is want to "touch" Nicole and her growing belly. EJ also goes to her appointments and hugs and holds her all the time. Please don't make EJ that stupid!!!! Eric knows she lost the baby why would he help her keep it a secret? Now we have Rafe seeing that she's faking so that whole baby swap idea is out the window. DENA where O where are you going with this? the only thing I think is that perhaps Nicole is headed to a Psycho ward it sure is not to "clever"land. Because this is stupid and Nicole ain't stupid.

This whole convent thing seems out of sorts too - if Rafe knows about the convent Sami secretly staying there is blown too...

Melanie vs Stephanie round II - I wonder how boring Dena can make that. I smell a triangle AGAIN!

Chloe is the donor - come on since when is a cancer survivor ever a good candidate as a donor? Why Chloe? I suppose Dena is setting up a Dr. Dan and Chloe thingy.

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