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As usual, I donīt see anything wrong with these spoilers.

Itīs sad Nicol will lost her child but it will be a good drama for sure. I also like they put Brady into it and Rafe will see Nicol is faking. This group got a little stale for a while and this will give them all something to play about.

Chloe being the donnor is surprising and Iīm still not sure with Chloe/Lucas getting married. Itīs too soon and I think the only reason why they decided to go there is they want another failed wedding for february. Either that, or Lucas/Chloe will get rushed "happy ending" and will be written out together.

Mel, Steph and Phillip sounds like a classic good couple vs. bad girl triangle. They are really building Mel into a next generation Sami, as sheīs smart and manipulative but not completely evil either. As for the kiss, I think/hope itīs just friendly thank-you kiss. So far Steph is still in love with Max and weīve never seen any signs she is looking at Phil that way. If they throw away months of potential sexual tension and just put them together in one episode I will be really angry.
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