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Thanks so much for getting these out, Angie!

I am laughing at everyone's comments about AS writing the story...because I am so glad I am not the only one thinking it! Her story is totally USELESS and it sucks! Two people running around acting stupid and one of them is pregnant refusing to tell the father? Why does anyone at Days think this is interesting. Sami's motivations have left me long ago.

Stupid that EJ doesn't realize Nicole lost the baby...and I can only hope that this doesn't last longer than a week. I hate that EVERYONE knows except for him, especially Brady. Just like EVERYONE knows about Sami, including Lucas. Back in the day, he used to know everything.
That said, I can't wait to see how all of this plays out and what happens with him and Nicole, and what Nicole does next. Still waiting for the adoption storyline.

I want to see Stephanie and Phillip, but Melanie just doesn't fit in with those two. But I agree that she is supposed to be Sami II, now seeing that Sami is a pathetic shell of her former self.

I am surprised that Chloe wants to marry Lucas, and totally baffled why in the world they would bring back Brady and not have him with Chloe anymore. Totally weird. Brady and Chloe left for their happy ending and now they are back and don't talk? But he is for Nicole? Who he hated? Not sure where they are going with that...

But thanks so much Angie! I have been waiting for these to come out!
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