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Nov 14 2008, 10:01 AM
Nov 14 2008, 01:21 AM
From "anonymous". Thanks so much!

For the week of December 1st:

---Miraculously, it appears that Nicole is still "pregnant." After learning she would never be able to conceive another child, she bought fake pregnancy padding. Meanwhile, EJ was trying to get the truth out of Dr. Baker. No go. Dr. Baker told him he had to ask Nicole. How long will her secret remain safe? Brady was shocked to find her still pretending to be pregnant, EJ was still pressuring Dr. Baker and Stefano wanted her to see his personal physician. To make matters worse, Rafe (who was sneaking around the DiMera Mansion) saw her readjust her "belly." Things are not looking good for Nicole.

---Sami learned that Rafe had done some digging and now understood why she was afraid to raise her baby as a DiMera. Later, Rafe found the medal from the convent. Sami begged him to take her back and he reluctantly agreed. Sami learned more: the Holy Cross had helped Rafe in his past. Unfortunately, he wasn't about to let Sami see Sister Theresa alone. When a homeless man entered, Rafe freaked. He rushed Sami back to the loft and told her they weren't going out again. But crafty Sami had taken a pamphlet with Sister Theresa's phone number on it. Sami softened to Rafe when he arranged for Hilda to bring her a Christmas tree and new photos of her kids.

---Kate knew something was up when Daniel looked unhappy at her welcome home party. She was right. The bad news? Her cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and bone marrow and she needed a transplant. All of her family members were tested as donors. Daniel and Philip insisted they weren't giving up. Daniel gave Kate a Christmas ornament.

---Chloe was beyond thrilled when Lucas proposed; when they learned about Kate's relapse and went to the hospital, however, she slipped off the ring. Later, Chloe got a big surprise: she is a match for Kate. Daniel had even found a way that she could be a donor, but Kate refused when she learned it could harm Chloe. Chloe insisted and Kate gave her blessing to Lucas on his upcoming nuptials.

---Melanie got a visit from her new boss, Philip, who gave her a long list of tasks. She promised to deliver. Stephanie was shocked to learn Philip had hired her nemesis, but was impressed when she got his reasons why. She gave him a sweet hug and a kiss. Philip was not as receptive to Melanie's attempt at a hug and this put her in a bad mood. Maggie noticed. All Melanie would say was that she wanted to get to work and prove what an asset she's going to be to Titan.

"Dena doesn't care about the rich history of the show, which is evident in what she writes. She wants to write stories that she thinks are interesting but nobody else does."
- Erika Slezak

"She needs to realize that she is not writing for a movie - a one time thing - but for a character that has to live with the actions for a long time."
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