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I like the way Nicole's fake pregnancy storyline is playing out so far. I could totally see Nicole being one of the soap characters to fake a pregnancy, especially seeing as how she never thought she could have a child, and the fact that EJ wants to be with her, and you also have to mention the DiMera benefits.

I can't wait to see why Brady agrees to go along with Nicole's charade. He's a pretty upstanding guy. I would think he would be encouraging Nicole to tell the truth.

I don't get Sami and Rafe's story at all. The whole thing at the convent doesn't make much sense to me and I don't know why they're involving this, but whatever. I will be interested again, maybe, when they return to the loft and Rafe arranges for Sami to receive a Christmas tree and photos of her kids.

I can't wait to see if Kate gets any story after this cancer storyline. It seems like every time a character has been sitting around in the background for a while, and fans want them to get a storyline, the writers usually throw an illness storyline at them to feed the fans' appetites. However, once the illness stroyline is over, the characters gets nothing again. I see that happening to Kate. I honestly think this should be Kate's exit storyline. I love Lauren Koslow, but if you're not going to write for her, then lose her. And it could cause some major drama for her family as they have to watch this woman, they've always viewed as strong slowly die.

Lucas and Chloe! :wub2: Love them. So Chloe will be a match for Kate? I like that they've connected Chloe to this cancer storyline due to her own history with cancer, but her being a match seems forced to me. I don't know.

I don't get the point of Melanie constantly being in scenes with Philip. Why?! Just cast a slightly aged Will Roberts and bring him back for Melanie.

I'm all for Philip and Stephanie though. I'm just waiting until I see that Steve, Kayla and Victor are starting to factor into this. But that will probably never happen.
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