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Nov 14 2008, 10:53 AM
Where are these spoilers....?

Marlena decides to shake things up. She's single, her kids are all gone and her medical practice is unfulfilling. On Bo's urging, Marlena accepts a job at the police force as their psychiatric specialist. Bo and Marlena are drawn into a sinister case when an arsonist burns down Salem Place during the middle of Christmas shopping, killing several Salemites including one of the Brady’s own: Stephanie Johnson. Hank (the arsonist, played by Tom Eplin) turns to Marlena for guidance. Can she help him or are his crimes too heinous to overcome?

Christmas is severely darkened for the Bradys and Johnsons as they must come to grips with Stephanie’s unexpected death. Overcome by grief, Max turns to Salem newcomer Dr. Charlotte Taylor for comfort. Steve and Kayla are at odds over the new void in their lives. While Steve’s rampage leaves Roman and Bo with a big mess to cleanup, Kayla finds herself moved by John’s surprising interpretation of events. Can Kayla and Steve’s marriage survive?

Nicole gets an unexpected ally as she comes to grips with losing the baby. Nicole’s despair leads her drinking when Maggie steps in and helps her recover. How and why Maggie becomes Nicole’s accomplice in faking her pregnancy will be revealed in a special episode in early December.

Despite his subversive attempts to reinstate himself in Lexie's life, Stefano realizes that he's all alone for Christmas. Ghosts of Christmas-past haunt Stefano when Santos (James Scott resumes this dual role), Benji (Jim Lunsford returns) and grampda Shawn (long-time DAYS vet Frank Parker makes a special guest appearance), nailing down the point that his quests for vengeance have won him nothing and have alienated his family. But not to be defeated, Stefano redesigns the chessboard and sets his manipulative mind to bring Lexie, Tony, EJ and John back to his table. The dominos begin to fall, on after the other, the moment Tony finds Anna and Brady together, naked in bed.

i've never seen these, but i wish they were real. it sounds a hell of a lot more interesting than the spoilers that have popped up lately.

seriously, who the fuck cares about melanie and her internship at titan?
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