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Nov 14 2008, 02:04 AM
Dee was good on Thursday IMO.

Wednesday and basically since August (right around the time Ed Scott left) she has been horrid. And don't blame the writing, story, or what have you. There are good actors that can rise above the writing and good ones that can't. She can't, at least not in the last decade.

The gasping and moaning is beyond annoying. Ed Scott must have done something to keep her in check because she never did any of that unless a scene called for it while he was there. Never. None of the other Days actors have fallen into bad habits. She has and I hope someone calls her on it. Today, she was fine but that was like the first time in awhile she was IMO.

I also don't see Dee phoning it in because of the writing. She says all the right things but I doubt she cares. Even when JER was writing her horribly and even with all the times the show hasn't used her in recent times, she has never said anything bad or critical of the show. I think she's just at a point in her life where she wants to work and just loves being there. Otherwise, I think things would be different because I don't think she pushes as much as Drake as far as making sure the writers do right by her and her story. I think she used to but not anymore.

There are a lot of times I roll my eyes at some of the mannerisms Deidre Hall has, but I've never gotten all the bashing about this gasping and moaning stuff. I just don't see it. Now, with Alison Sweeney, I see gasping and heavy breathing constantly.

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