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Nov 14 2008, 02:02 PM
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DAYS Casting Shocker!
Hot on the heels of the news that DAYS got a pickup (at an extremely reduced fee from NBC), Digest has learned that negotiations between the show and Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip) have broken down and the actor cleared out his dressing room yesterday. Money is said to be the main issue. "Everyone is being asked to take a paycut," reports an insider. Sources say the show is looking for a potential recast and actors are being brought into the studio today to read. A DAYS spokesperson says, "No comment."

Weird. Can he really just leave so easily? I understand the contract talks can broke down, but he still has to stay till his current contract ends, hasnīt he? Otherwise the show can sue him.
They can end an actors contract after every 13 week period.
Yes, I know. But the actors cannot. Thatīs why all the newbies are immediatelly given a three year contracts. And this sounds like JKJ is the one who left, forcing the show looking for a quick recast.
Negotiations were probably down to the wire, as I think his contract was set to expire in December. Knowing DAYS, they most likely promised him one salary, and then changed it at the last minute because of the budget cuts.
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