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Nov 16 2008, 03:58 AM
Nov 15 2008, 09:46 PM
They're no different from any normal employer. Its the employees fault when times get tough, and they'll be the ones to get thrown under the bus long before managment takes a look at itself as the real cause.

So when Alfonso, Hall, Reckell, and any other 25 + year vet gets tired of having to take constant pay cuts, they`ll be shown the door as well. Which, maybe they should have done a while ago, since they seem to have run out of anything new or interesting to do with any of these people years ago. Their characters just exist, breed, and do ridiculous out of character things in a perpetual hampster wheel motion, like the original cast of B&B.
I think that that's arguable too, but I think Corday and DAYS would fight really, really hard if it came to that point - if Alfonso, Reckell or Hall threatened to walk due to pay cuts. They would have to get creative, but Corday would find a way. If the show was in a SERIOUS dire state, then MAYBE but I don't see that happening unless the show is still on past 2010.

You have to think about it from an actors perspective too. It's not to say that they won't get jobs elsewhere, but also, daytime is on the decline. There may not be as many soaps in a few years, which means less jobs....and I think that the vets are almost synonymous with daytime, so in terms of acting, what would they do? Just try and persue primetime after what, 20 something years? I think DAYS is probably very important to the above 3 mentioned, it's defined a big part of their lives.
All three could easily get character work as mothers/fathers of sitcom characters, or teen soap characters. The L&Os love soap actors for guest spots. There's work out there for them. Indie films. etc. OLTL's ex-Tea was the original mother to Blair on GG, for example.

Plus, all of these people, cept maybe Hall, have side businesses or gigs that could sustain them or working spouces. I dont think they`re in a position of being `screwed`if they leave.
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