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I do believe it's true BUT I also think it could be a stunt. Not a hoax like kill him off and bring him back, like they did before. I mean a stunt as in - when you have to cut a lot of staff, make a big one first that captures everyone's attention, fire others and then say due to fan protests and outcry, you've decided to keep the big one. people are relieved and happy and never mind the others that got shoved out the door in the process.
I don't think many actors would go along with such a stunt - not the least of which its potential to back fire - but Drake proved last year the outcry would be big and he's known for being a team player.

Taking John Black off the canvas for a while makes no sense. He's the only character that truly has many storylines left to tell. They could have back burnered him - yes it would annoy but not cause a melt down among fans. Also - to run a love story for what 23 years and leave it hanging with no resolution?? While I think many bad things about Corday, I thought his style was to send couples happily off into the distance together - Brady & Chloe, J&J, Shelle...the heart of the show has always been love. To end one of the greatest super couples of all by having one half just leave makes no sense. I'm used to them making no sense in their decisions but this one truly would take the cake and I doubt if the show could recover. Even the death - which most of us assumed was a stunt last year - at the very least had a conclusion of love which was moving.

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