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I don't find it unlikely but I am hesitant to believe it until Drake or the show confirm it directly. I don't like confirmation coming from fan club presidents or quote on quote "reliable source" especially about firings. If Actors are allowed, they usually come out about it themselves or say nothing if they were told to keep quiet. If they were to be quiet, they certainly wouldn't tell their fan club about it because they know that news would be on the net spreading like a wildfire faster than you can say chopping block!

But as for Drake, ratings didn't fall after they "killed" him off last October and they only came up for a short time after he came back to the show earlier this year. I don't think it's really going to make much of an impact if he leaves again.

The show has shown no loyalty or respect for any fanbase save for Bope, over the years, so I don't see why they would suddenly care about the Jarlenas.
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