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Here's what I think will happen:

Marlena: I still love you, but we can't be together because you're not the man I married. I accept that but I want you to change. You disapoint me but I want to help you.

John: I don't love you but I want to have you. You're hot. But I don't want your help. I'm not the man you married. And my head is fine.

John falls the ground holding his head while Marlena watches in horror

Credits roll.....

Meanwhile, two months later:

Sami: I can't believe I have another Dimera baby and John and my mom are nowhere in sight.

EJ: Well, Sami, John is dead and Marlena's in an instatution in Coloroda with no sign of recovery.

Sami: John is so selfish for not getting help and dying before this baby was born. He has been like a surrogate father to me ever since he switched personalities and then he just let me down. Damn him. And then there's my selfish mother who has never been there for me. I have never hurt her and have always been there for her yet she decides that having a mental breakdown after John's most recent death in the park one afternoon is more important then being here for me. She's so selfish. I'm so alone. Why am I the only one that cares about this family? Damn my mother and her affair with John. It's ruined my life!

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