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Nov 17 2008, 01:44 PM
Yeah. At least they get a payoff.

I mean, it's been obvious the show had no idea what to do with them after this story was over and they were reunited. That is why I think they dragged their feet with their story. As much as it hurts, I think this is for the best for the characters and for their fans because it was getting tiresome.

I sincerely feel bad for the J&M fans and, of course, Drake and Deidre themselves. Of all of the recent firings, these two, to be sure, are the most shocking and emotional.

I believe that Days is going to be making a significant shift in concentrating on the younger characters with the vets, if anything, being very much only supporting players. While a rational part of me understands this and realizes this was done in the '80s, there is another part of me that questions the viability of such a move when, IMO, the younger set is very very weak both character-wise and acting-wise.

The characters have all been so thinly written in the last few years or their characterization has been bounced around. The women are essentially focused only on the men in their lives. Sure the "vets" were sidelined in the '80s, but you had younger characters like Hope who had tons of characterization and storyline outside of just Bo. Steve came onscreen with no history or family ties in Salem but SN was such a strong and charismatic actor that a whole new family was able to be built around him so that he ended up with one of the most intricate family backgrounds. Kim's issues with her family incest were not simply a catalyst for her and Shane but to explore broader family relationships.

So it is the firing of JKJ and Blake Berris that has me concerned for the future of the show. IMO, these were the two strongest actors from the younger set (and I would even go so far to say the 30ish crowd, outside of James Scott). They come from integrated families and both had some background that would make for interesting material. If they have to make some hard choices with the vets, I can understand that from a financial perspective. But from a future story building perspective, I don't understand how getting rid of your two strongest younger actors is a good first move.

Hopefully, they can come to terms with JKJ. As far as Blake, where is the "official" news on him. I have only seen a reference to a post on Soap Central by someone who I have not seen post many spoilers before . . .
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