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Nov 17 2008, 05:56 AM
OK, I do know many GAYS in the industry, because Im related to one. Thaao is gay, & it can be considered common knowledge in the industry, just like Tony Geary & Tuc Watkins. Does he dabble with women? Who knows. Many gay actors who wouldnt consider themselves bisexual have dabbled with pretty women.
Um, John & Isabella were an extremely popular pair. Why the hesitation in admitting that? It doesnt take away the popularity & love for John & Marlena. If John & Isabella were so unpopular, why did they get soap magazine covers? Their December SOD cover story was a top seller that year & had in print the writers or producers or whoever it was going on about how good of a response they were receiving on the couple, which is why they didnt break them up when DH came back. If they werent popular, why was her death considered such an important event & why dies Isabella still come back as a ghost? Why are they always included in love montages? I dont see John & Kristen or Roman/John & Diana in those montages, & those pairings were considered popular in their time. If they were so unpopular, why didnt they immediately break them up for good once Marlena came back alive & pair isabella with someone else? The show couldve easily done a Roman/Marlena/John triangle on its own.
But you can choose not to believe me. Just dont bash me for my contributions & opinions.
I am not sure who is bashing you.

John and Isabella had fans. Every couple has fans.

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