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Nov 18 2008, 12:53 PM
Nov 18 2008, 12:43 PM
The funny thing is I bet JKJ expected fans to be outraged over his departure and start a campaign to get him back and thus have the show accommodate the salary he was asking for...but the DH's totally overshadowed this and now JKJ leaving doesn't seem so bad. LOL.
Maybe, but as a big JKJ fan I'm not even upset that he's leaving. I've been expecting it and at this point I think I would almost be disappointed if he stayed. I would quite honestly rather see JKJ gone than watch Philip in a triangle with Melanie.
JKJ doesn't come across as calculating like that (maybe he is and I've just never seen it) - he was always really professional even when stuff has made him upset. I'm wondering whether there was a deadline for Days to make a counteroffer and they didn't, so he left. No histrionics, no emotion, just time to move on.

And maybe he didn't want to stay and be in a triangle with two little girls (he wasn't a fan of being in the high school scene the first go-round). Maybe he'd finally had enough of the crappy writing. So if he wants to go and I don't have to see him with Melanie or Stephanie, that works for me. I'd prefer he stay, but I'd also prefer they use Phloe chemistry and history (totally ridiculous that they're both on the show and the show doesn't utilize them).

Jay's fans are reacting, but unfortunately I don't think it'll even be a drop in the bucket compared to the J&M fans' responses. :)
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