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Nov 18 2008, 12:43 PM
The funny thing is I bet JKJ expected fans to be outraged over his departure and start a campaign to get him back and thus have the show accommodate the salary he was asking for...but the DH's totally overshadowed this and now JKJ leaving doesn't seem so bad. LOL.
I donīt know. I think from what we could see so far Phillipīs departure would mean a bigger trouble for the show than DH/DDH leaving. They are betting big time on him, he is exactly the kind of actor they seem to want, his chemistry with Shelley is wonderfull and so far the writng for him and Steph is exactly the right way a long term couple should be written.

I wouldnīt be at all surprised if it was him refusing the offer what started this sudden weekend firing spree.
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