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Nov 18 2008, 04:00 PM
I listened to the whole hour and everything was so on point. I couldn't agree more with what they say. And I do hope that when Corday asks her to come back that she says no. I love Marlena and John but there is a level of self-respect...so with that I don't think she should come back.
I couldn't agree more, Maggs! If Corday ever has the balls to ask Deidre to come back to this SUCK ASS SHOW, she should point him in the direction of Hell, give him a kick in the ass to start him on his journey and tell him to SHOVE IT UP HIS ASS!!!! I can't believe what has happened to Days! THIS SHOW SUCKS AND I AM PISSED AT MYSELF FOR STILL WATCHING THIS PIECE OF SHIT SHOW. If it weren't for J&M and DnD, I would have been gone a LONG time ago! Now I'm sticking around until they are gone and then I will either follow them to another show or I will keep my television off! I've got enough drama in my own life that I really don't need anymore incestuous BULLSHIT to watch!!! :puke:
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